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Contact me for meeting all your visual needs and creative storytelling for cross-media advertising, television commercials & broadcasting, documentaries, product identity, and corporate, governmental, educational and non-profit branded content.


• Commissioned Directing, Filmmaking and Cinematography •
• Commercial, Broadcast, Documentary, Corporate, Educational & Music Video Production •
• Editing, Color Grading, Audio Mixing and Post-production Supervision •





Both Solo and Extended (Post-)Production crews are available for every kind of film production, with one of the following combinations. Cameras and lenses used depend on the job and budget. Contact me for more info on specific possibilities perfectly fitted for your project.


  • Standard

  • Freelance

    Per Day

  • Directing

  • Camera

  • Editing

  • Color Grading

  • Audio Mixing

  • Post-production Supervision

  • Contact


  • Social Media, Corporate

    1-2 Man Crew

  • Directing, Camera, Sound & Light

  • Sony CineAlta F5, A7Sii, A7Rii, BMPCC

  • Rokinon Primes & Canon EF L Zooms

  • Rode NTG3 + 2x Sennheiser EW-100

  • PilotFly H2 Gimbal + 3x 100W LED

  • opt. Photographer / Interviewer

  • Contact


  • Documentary, Advertising

    3 - 6 Man Crew

  • Compact Film Crew

  • Sony CineAlta F5-F55 / ARRI Amira

  • Zeiss CP.2, CZ.2, LWZ.3 Lenses

  • Sennheiser MKH416’s + EW-100 Mics

  • Ronin, DJI Gimbals & Drones

  • opt. Producer, Gaffer & Focus Puller

  • Contact


  • Feature Film, Advertising

    +7 Man Crew

  • Full Film Crew

  • RED Dragon-Helium / ARRI Alexa

  • Arri, Cooke & Angenieux Lenses

  • Sanken + Schoeps Microphones

  • Ronin, DJI Gimbals & Drones

  • opt. Cranes, Jibs & Steadicams

  • Contact



Genre: Documentary
Released: Spring 2016
World Premiere: DOCVILLE International Documentary Festival 2016
Director: Sam Ostyn
Cinematographer: Olivier Smets
Editor: Steven Vanhyfte
Production Company: Helical Films, AMOK
Links: TrailerIMDBFacebookOfficial WebsiteDocville

Genre: Documentary
Release Date: Early 2017
Status: Post-production
Director: Sam Ostyn
Cinematographer: Olivier Smets
Editor: Steven Vanhyfte
Client: ‘Nuff Said
Music by BRZZVLL
Production Company: Helical Films, AMOK
Links: Trailer

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Truth or Consequences has been officially selected for the 12th edition of the Docville Film Festival. The premiere will be held on Wednesday May 4th, 19h30, at STUK Kunstencentrum vzw, Leuven. Tickets are 7,50 Euros. More info about the full program and online ticket reservations at and Seats are limited so be quick. […]

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The Truth or Consequences documentary is close to completion! Meanwhile you can take a look at the movie poster. More news soon to follow.

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Some quick stills from recent camerawork with Lander Munster at Gam Studio, Waimes for the recording of the upcoming Brutus / The Guru Guru split single. Video available soon!   Click. Click.  

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